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Onsen, or Japanese Hot Springs, in Hakone
Hakone-yumoto is a historical Hot Spring resort town that provides some of the highest quality Onsen in Japan. The hot spring waters of our Onsen flows directly comes from an underground Geyser. You can enjoy pure hot springs in our large bathing rooms that are available to all guests staying at Hotel Senkei, Yamagaso and Senkei Plaza Inn. We have the following types of bathing rooms:

  • A large indoor bathing room for men.
  • A large indoor bathing room for women.
  • An open-air large bathing room with splendid view of mountains in Hakone.
    *The open-air onsen is alternately available for men and women.
    (Operates on rotation)

At Hotel Senkei and Yamagaso, there is private bathing in your room. We also have Kashikiri-buro, or bathing rooms for private rental at Yamagaso. There are two types of Kashikiri-buro bathing rooms, a large type, and a medium type. Kashikiri bathroom is available for 24 hours a day.





About Senkei Onsen (Hot Springs)

The Japanese have an extreme love for hot springs. Hot springs resorts are where you can go to slowly unwind, washing away the fatigue from everyday hard work. Senkei Onsen is popular amongst those Japanese with a love for hot springs, so we encourage you to give us a try.

Features of our onsen

  • Our hot springs are efficiently designed, so it is easy even for beginners!
    Many onsen usually have sulfur baths, which stink like rotten eggs,
    but the Senkei Onsen are completely odorless,
    with beautiful clear water you can easily dip into.
  • Effective fatigue recovery!
    Our hot springs have chloride in them,
    which keeps you from feeling chilly after stepping out of the bath,
    and makes them great for relieving fatigue and revitalizing the body.
  • Gives you beautiful, smooth skin!
    Some of our onsen contain the alkaline PH8 and 5.
    These thermal alkaline hotsprings are also known as "Beautiful Skin Baths."
    That is to say, it exfoliates and leaves you silky smooth.
    Also, one of the principal components of volcanic ash called
    meta silicate is also included in the onsen.
    Meta silicate is at the core of Italian hot springs
    and their focus on cosmetic benefits.

We are qualified professionals,
our proprietresses having been given the stamp of approval
for Japanese hot springs.
Please be sure to come and give us a try!

On-Sheruju (Hot Springs concierge)
Qualified Member
Mariko Tsuda

How to take a Japanese Bath

How to take a bath, Japanese style! You are only to go inside the bath tub after you washed your body. Firstly, you are to rinse your body with hot water. Washing beforehand helps to keep the water in the bath tub clean.

The rinsing and washing of your body with hot water also acclimatizes you to the actual temperature of the bath tub. It is not advisable to jump into the water like diving in to a swimming pool. Please use discretion.

Bring with you the small towel that will be provided with you and please do not put the hand towel into the bath tub water. Most people place the towel on their head. And remember do not use any soap or shampoo or other skin cleansers in bath tub. * For more information about bathing etiquette, click here.

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