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Yamagaso is an upscale, luxurious Ryokan, or Japanese style inn, located next to the Senkei Plaza Inn in Hakone-yumoto, Japan. Once you crossed through the tiny thatched gateway in front of the Ryokan, you have now entered a hidden garden filled with seasonal flowers and the gentle sounds of birds moving through the trees.

This attractive Ryokan was built in the traditional Sukiya Architectural style. The harmony created by the exquisite Japanese garden and traditional architecture enriched by the fresh air of Hakone will create a lasting memorable Japanese Ryokan experience for you.

Needless to say, we provide a premium Onsen hot springs
experience with private bathing in each room.
The spring water is delivered directly from an underground geyser.

Dining is a special highlight of our Ryokan and we will serve your breakfast and dinner,
in your guestroom, offering you servings of Japanese cuisine of the highest quality.


Guest Rooms

Yamagaso has only 6 exclusive guest rooms and each guest room is in a separate building allowing you to enjoy complete privacy. It is our pleasure to offer our warm hospitality in making your visit to Hakone memorable.

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  • Room Highlights
    Each room has a toilet(Western Style) and a bathroom which uses fresh hot-spring water.
  • Room Style
    The interior design of each of our guest rooms at Yamagaso are pure Japanese ryokan and
    each room defer in style ans size so that it make your stay more luxurious and memorable.
    Each guest room in ryokan are in lovely traditional style building srounded with beautiful Japanese garden.
  • Check In & Out Time
    Check In / 3:00 PM (15:00)
    Check Out / 11:00 AM


TV / Telephone / electric pot / tea set / refrigerator / dryer / private AC / toilet with water spray and bidet functions / soap bar / razor / body soap / shampoo / rinse / shower cap / toothbrush and toothpaste / towel / bath towel / yukata (light kimono)

Dining and other Facilities

At Yamagaso (Japanese sytle ryokan), your dinner and breakfast are included in the rates and served in your room. The menu selections for both for your breakfast and dinner menu are prearranged for you. We hope you will enjoy a truly traditional Japanese Ryokan style of dining where all the details are prearranged, a tradition that dates from Japan's past where each guest was treated exclusively as VIP.

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*No meals will be served if your reservation is a no-meal plan.

Room service details at Hotel Senkei

Rooms in ryokan are only available in Japanese style. The bedding is futon. During your stay, our staff will come to your room for the following services:

  • We will serve you tea in your room when you arrive.
  • We will bring your dinner and breakfast to your room in the ryokan.
  • After dinner, we will prepare the Futon bedding in your room while you are bathing or walking around.
  • In the morning, we will fold and put away your Futon bedding.

If you would like to know more about Hakone Senkei and Japanese style ryokan,
please check Okami Guide, too.

Thank you very much - domo arigato gozaimasu

Onsen (Hot Springs)

Yamagaso Onsen & Bathing Features

Each room in the ryokan has a private, attractively designed bathroom.
We also have special large type of bathrooms for private use that are available
for 24 hours a day only for guests staying at Yamagaso.

Check more on our hot spring page.

Experiene the luxurious Ryokan YAMAGASO at a reasonable price!!

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